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Kid's Box 5 ( KB5 )

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Kid's Box 5 Text ( KB5_Text )


Welcome   Page 2 

1.Listen and tick the school words you hear. 

DAN: Hi, Shari. Did you have a good holiday? 

SHARI: Yeah. Lovely, thanks, Dan. Do you know Alvin? He lives near me and he's new at school. 

DAN: Hi, Alvin. Nice to meet you. 

ALVIN: Hi, Dan. 

ALVIN: What's that on the board? 

SHARI: It's a poster about a new school ezine. 

DAN: What's an ezine? 

SHARI: It's an internet magazine. 

DAN: Oh! 

DAN: Look. It's a competition for the best ezine in the school.

SHARI: Oh, that's interesting. And there's a prize! Shall we try and write one? 

ALVIN: Good idea, but what shall we write about? 

ALL: Hmm. 

ALVIN: Oh! Can we write about sport and computers? 

DAN: We can write about anything we like. 

SHARI: Let's write our first ezine on our school so Alvin can learn about it. 


ALVIN: Great! 

DAN: See you outside school at four o'clock. 


Unit 1   Page 8 

1.Listen and tick the TV words you hear. 

NARRATOR: It's ten to four. Dan, Shari and Alvin are in the library. 

ALVIN: Look at this, Dan. Fun time is on TV1 at ten past four. 
Shall we watch it? 

DAN: Wait a minute. Animals is on TV2 at twenty past four. 

SHARI: Let's watch that because we all like it. 

DAN: Yeah, that's a good idea, but what time is it now?

SHARI: It's five to four. If we want to watch it, we have to leave now. 

ALVIN: Come on, then. Let's go! 

DAN: Phew. Just in time. It's quarter past four. 

SHARI: Hi, Dad. Can we put TV2 on, please? We want to watch Animals. 

MR NELSON: Oh, I'm sorry, Shari. Not today. The golf's on TV3 and you know I love golf. 

ALVIN: What time does it finish, Mr Nelson? 

MR NELSON: Oh, don't worry. It finishes at twenty-five past seven! 


SHARI: Well, boys, I think we can watch TV another day.

ALVIN: You're right. Let's go and write something about TV for our ezine. 

DAN: Yeah. We can't watch TV, but we can write about it. 

MR NELSON: Ssshhhh! 


Unit 2   Page 16  

1.Listen and tick the jobs you hear. 

DAN: What are we going to write about for our ezine this week? 

SHARI: I don't know. Have you got any ideas, Alvin?

ALVIN: Er, no, but let's have a look at the exhibition on jobs and think about it. 

DAN: Look at this nurse. That's an interesting job. I think I'm going to be a nurse when I'm older. 

SHARI: Hmm. A nurse is OK, but I think I'm going to be a dentist. 
What are you going to do, Alvin? 

ALVIN: I'm not sure, but I'm going to have an exciting job.

TEACHER: Everybody has to leave the school building now, please. Walk quickly, but don't run. 

SHARI: Oh, no! I hope the school isn't going to burn down. 

TEACHER: It's OK, everybody. It's only a practice. 

ALVIN: That's a really exciting job. I'm going to be a firefighter.

SHARI: Well, now we know what we're going to write about in this week's ezine! Jobs. 

DAN: Let's write about famous people's jobs. 


DAN: Yee ha! We're going to win that prize! 


Unit 3   Page 26 

1.Listen and tick the city words you hear. 

MR GREY: OK, kids. We're going to meet back here at half past five. Don't get lost! 

DAN: No problem, Dad! It's ten past two now, so we've got more than three hours. 

SHARI: We want to get some interesting information for our ezine, so where shall we go first? 

ALVIN: Tower Bridge is the most famous bridge in London. 
Let's go there. 

SHARI: How do we get there? 

ALVIN: Let's look at the map ... Now, we're outside the station. That's here. 

DAN: We have to go straight along this road. We don't go across the river. We turn left here. ... 

DAN: OK, now we're at a corner. Do we want to go left or right, Alvin? 

ALVIN: Er, I don't know. I think we take the third street on the right, then walk past this park. 

SHARI: Er, boys ... turn the map round! We're going in the wrong direction! 

SHARI: Excuse me. Can you tell us how to get to Tower Bridge, please? 

WOMAN: Look, dear. It's just across the street. It's behind you. 

Unit 4   Page 34      

SHARI: That was amazing! 

ALVIN: It was really scary as well. 

ALVIN: Now we've got a great project for our ezine ... Disasters! 

SHARI and DAN: Yeah! 

REPORTER: Well, hello, children. Are you getting warm? 


REPORTER: Can you tell me what happened? 

SHARI: It was hot and sunny this morning, so we decided to sail to the small island for a picnic with my dad. 

ALVIN: When we were sailing to the island, the sky went dark.

REPORTER: Were you listening to the weather on the radio? 

DAN: The radio was on, but we weren't listening to the weather. We were listening to music. 

REPORTER: Why didn't you go back to the beach? 

DAN: Because we were very near the island. We decided to wait there for the weather to get better ... but it didn't. A storm started. 

SHARI: We were walking up the beach, looking for somewhere safe to stay, when lightning hit the boat and it caught fire. 

REPORTER: What a disaster! 

SHARI: We couldn't leave the island, so Dad had to phone for help. 

ALVIN: At first the phone didn't work. But then he tried again and it was OK. Phew! 

REPORTER: Were you afraid? 


DAN: But it was really exciting when the helicopter came to get us. 

SHARI AND ALVIN: Yeah, that was great!   


Unit 5  Page 44 

SHARI: This is a great new shopping centre. It's all made of brick. Look at this sweet shop!  

DAN: Wow! Look at those mice! They're made of white chocolate. 

ALVIN: Let's go and buy some sweets.  

DAN: Ahah! Do you like my new teeth? 

SHARI: Ugh. They're horrible. What are they made of?  

ALVIN: Ha ha! They're made of sugar. They're great. Nice one, Dan! 

DAN: Hee hee hee. 

SHARI: Ooh, look! These snakes are made of rubber. They're fantastic! 

ALVIN: Yeah! Ooh, I'm going to buy one of these spiders. They're made of fur.  

DAN: Really? I don't think anybody's going to be afraid of those.  

SHARI: Ah! Look out, Dan! 
There's a big black spider on your shoulder! 

DAN: No, there isn't. 

ALVIN: Oh, yes, there is. That spider isn't made of fur, Dan. It's real! 

DAN: Aagghhh! 

ALVIN AND SHARI: Ha ha ha!  

ALVIN: It's OK. We were only joking! 

DAN: Hmph. Well, let's go and find out what things are made of for our next ezine. 


SHARI: Oh, yeah. 

Unit 6  Page 52 

(SHARI: Yeah, I thought so too.)  

TEACHER: In this week's science club we're going to look at the five senses. First we're going to look at the sense of touch. 

SHARI: Put your hand into this box, Dan. What does it feel like? 

DAN: It's very soft. It feels like fur. Is it an animal? 

ALVIN: No, Dan. It's my toy spider. 

DAN: Not again! 

ALVIN AND SHARI: Ha, ha, ha!  

SHARI: I didn't know we had to do the sense of hearing too.

ALVIN: That's horrible! It sounds like somebody falling downstairs. 

TEACHER: That's my new CD.  

DAN: That's cool!  


TEACHER: Now we're exploring the sense of smell. What does this smell like, Shari? 

SHARI: Phoargh! That smells terrible! It smells like Alvin's socks.

ALVIN: Well, it's strong blue cheese, Shari.  

TEACHER: And now the sense of taste. What does this taste like, Alvin? 

ALVIN: Mmm. It ... it tastes like pizza. It's great! I didn't think I liked pizza. 

DAN: You do now. 

ALVIN: Let's find out how to make the perfect pizza for our next ezine.  


Unit 7  Page 62 

DAN: This is great!A day in the country!  

ALVIN: Yeah, but we've only got two more days to write our next ezine project and we haven't got a topic. What shall we write about? 

SHARI: I don't know, but it's very hot, so we should put our hats on. 

DAN: Phew! You're right. The sun is strong. I think we should put some sun cream on, too. Here you are. 

SHARI: Thanks, Dan. Do you want some, Alvin?  

ALVIN: Er. Eh? Look! What's that man doing? Let's go and see ...  

ALVIN: Excuse me. Can you tell me what you're doing?  

MAN: Sure. I'm taking the glass bottles and plastic bags out of the lake because they're dangerous for wild birds. I have to do this every week.  

DAN: That's terrible! People should put their rubbish in the bins. They shouldn't leave it on the grass or throw it in the lake. 

SHARI: What should we do about this? Can we do anything to help?  

MAN: Well, most people don't know that this is a big problem for birds and other animals, so you should tell your friends and family about it. 

ALVIN: Yeah. We should write about it in the ezine.  

DAN: Come on! We've got a job to do. 


Unit 8  Page 70 

TEACHER: Today's the school prize day. First, we're going to have our yearly obstacle race. 
Then we're going to give the prize to the winners of the ezine competition. Runners should go to the starting line.  

SHARI: Good luck in the race, Alvin. 

DAN: Have you ever won a sports prize? 

ALVIN: I've never won any prizes!  

SHARI: He's doing really well.  

DAN: Yeah. He's jumped over the sand and he's crossed the water, but he hasn't climbed over the wall. Come on, Alvin! You've nearly finished! 

DAN: What's he doing? He's stopping. I can't believe it. He's lost the race. 

SHARI: He hasn't lost, Dan. He's stopped to help a friend.  

HEADTEACHER: Well done, Sarah. You've won this year's race. Now, I've got the names of the winners of the ezine competition here. hey are Shari, Dan and Alvin for the Kid's Box ezine.  

DAN: We've done it! We've done it!  

ALVIN: It's the first time I've won a prize! 

SHARI: Well, I think we should celebrate. Let's write one more project for the ezine. Let's do it on sport.  






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